How to Prevent Cyber bullying

How to Prevent Cyber bullyingHow to prevent Cyber Bullying is very much the roll of parents being vigilant.

 Cyber bullying Definition

It is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

How to Prevent Cyber bullying, facts highlight that imagination and technology mostly provide the content for such crimes.  Sadly it is often children using mobiles and computers who become the victim.  Children may be reluctant to admit to being the victim of such activity.

If parents try to place criminal charges against such people, in most cases, the charges get terminated when the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and IM (Instant Message) accounts are closed down.

Nowadays a significant amount of information is available on the internet as well as shared by school authorities regarding ways to tackle a cyber bully.  Today web parental control is essential keep kids safe. Every parent should be aware of the following tips to make their kids cybersmart…

How to Prevent Cyber bullying
  • Keep track of the sites that are being visited by your child so that you know how safe your child is and prevent it from happening.
  • Convince your kids to never share their passwords with anyone as this can be dangerous and their accounts may get misused.
  • Advise them to share personal information with only the people they know personally and never over the internet. Information such as a mobile number or an e-mail address sent online can be used by cyber bullies to send messages to others without their knowledge.
  • Tell your kids to immediately report and block anyone trying to bully them over the internet on social networking sites.
  • Tell them to avoid people who are trying to intimidate them. They should not try to fight back internet bullies by becoming a bully themselves as that is no solution to the problem.
  • Keep an eye on their online friends on various social networking sites and try to find out if they know them well.
  • Identify what your children like to do and help them to hone their skills in it. Their pride and confidence will stop others from picking on them and assist them to ignore the bullying if it ever happens.
  • Help them believe that they can take you into confidence about everything irrespective of being right or wrong.
  • Cyber bullying is a mixture of many things around your child. Try to understand the environment your child experiences at school and stay in touch with the principal, teachers, and counselors.

Almost every week there is a report of cyber bullying. Even celebrities and school administration are regularly crusading against this social issue. But the best option for every parent is to educate their kids about the problem so that it can be nipped in the bud before it occurs. That is, to make your kid cyber smart.