What are the Best Parental Control Apps

What is the best parental control app for ?

There are actually a lot of advantages to providing your kid with a smartphone. When they carry a smartphone with them, you can reach them when you need to; they can connect with others; and it offers various educational and entertainment apps.

Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages, including alarming realities like bullying, online predators, as well as access to inappropriate content, hence the need for Parental control Apps.

Parental Control Apps

How can you ensure that the benefits offset the hazards?

A possible solution is to set up a parental control app right on their smartphone. These applications enable you to establish digital boundaries on what your kids are permitted to do on their mobile devices and the capability to monitor and see what they are doing on them.

Although some parental control features are built into smartphones, browsers, and computers, these third-party parental control apps offer an added level of security and safety.

Here are some of the best parental control apps that parents would want to look into.

Net Nanny

This parental control app is among the most comprehensive and most trusted applications on the market. Net Nanny enables you to monitor your children’s digital activities while protecting them from harmful or inappropriate content. You could also set limitations on screen time and block your kids from opening inappropriate content.

With Net Nanny, you will get detailed data on the searches and online activities your kids are doing. Likewise, you will receive real-time notifications on any suicide, weapons, pornographic, or drug-related content. Also, this parental control app allows you to block other apps and websites that you do not want your kids to access or set certain times of the day they are permitted to use the internet.

Norton Family

As a major name in the antivirus software industry, Norton now offers a parental control app called Norton Family to restrict and monitor your children’s activities and behavior online.

This parental control app is easy to install. It asks you to register and accept some terms and conditions before beginning. You also need to choose the surveillance level, which varies for different age brackets.

You could create accounts for every one of your kids, and the accounts would remain separate, so monitoring becomes a lot easier and simpler.

Norton Family likewise allows you to block apps, games, websites, and social media platforms from your children’s devices. Settings could be customized if needed, and you could select what kind of notifications you receive.

This parental control app enables you to set up house rules that remind your children which activities or behaviors are allowed and which ones aren’t. Also, you could check on your children’s activities on the app dashboard or opt to receive email notifications if house rules get broken.

Moreover, this app lets you set time limits on your kids’ smartphones for gameplay, social media, or totally block phone use other than for emergency calls, and keep tabs on the interactions and activities your kids are engaging in on different social media sites. What’s more, Norton Family likewise features location tracking. You could choose to get daily, weekly, or monthly accounts on your children’s online activities.


Qustodio is a parental control apps that allows you to monitor your child’s social networks, view their messages, and follow their location. It is likewise a comprehensive application that lets you filter sites that could contain malicious or inappropriate content. Moreover, you could block apps and games that you do not want your kid to access. You could also set time limitations on each of your children’s devices.

This parental control apps also enables you to locate your children’s devices and smartphones at any time. Your child would also have access to a panic button that could instantly alert you to their exact location.

However, with Qustodio, access and monitoring are limited on certain social media platforms. For instance, parents could see when their kid accessed Snapchat and the duration of their access, but they could not see their child’s interaction with other users. Thus, make sure that you know the parental control app’s limitations before installing it.


Bark allows parents to monitor emails, text messages, as well as more than thirty various social networks for possible safety issues. It watches out for behavior and activity that could suggest danger, such as adult content, online predators, sexual content, suicide, cyberbullying, and drug use.

Bark goes through texts, emails, photos, and videos, and it instantly sends alerts to parents about any worrying interactions. You will get automatic alerts via text messages and emails when this parental control app detects potential risks.

Among the best Bark features is that you will also receive advice from professional child psychologists about how to act on issues if and when they arise.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

This parental control app includes a broad range of free features on its application. These free tools comprise of app usage control, online content filtering, as well as screen time control, which you would need to pay for with other third-party apps.

Kaspersky Safe Kids automatically blocks inappropriate and harmful content; nonetheless, to set specific schedules and time limitations for your child’s internet usage, you would need to purchase the premium version.

Still, the premium version features advanced tools, like real-time GPS tracking, social media monitoring, and geo-fencing. It likewise sends out real-time notifications if your child tries to open malicious websites or content.

Remarkably, among Kaspersky’s most one-of-a-kind features is low battery alerts on your child’s device. When their phone needs charging, you will also receive a notification. This feature puts an end to “my phone just died” excuses whenever you ask your kids why they ignored your text message or call.


Reminders on Using a Parental Control App

When you decide to use a third-party parental control app on your child’s smartphone or mobile device, you have to make sure that your kids fully understand why you think the application is necessary and that certain restrictions could be eased when some conditions are met.

Likewise, tell them and make them feel that you are always there to support and help them no matter what.