Best Cyber Safety for Kids

Cyber Safety for Kids

As a parent, you must be aware of what your kids are doing online.  It is the only way for keeping kids safe on the internet.  If you are not aware of the online dangers, the internet can be a minefield of risks for your kids.

You may think that the best way, to ensure cyber safety and to protect your children from online hazards is to stop them from using the internet directly.  It is always better to make your kids cyber smart instead of being cyber ignorant.

Kids need the necessary skills to use the internet safely and securely. So, when you are not around, and your kids are at school or with some of their friends, they may fall prey to undesirable things that can be avoided by proper education.

Cyber Safety for Kids
Here are some of the ways to make sure that your kids are safe:
  • Be around

It is always better to be around when kids are using the internet. Locate the computer in a ‘family’ room, avoid bedrooms of children or isolated places where it’s hard for you to keep an eye on them.  Keep moving in and out of the room when children are on the internet.

  • Set the rules

Before kids are allowed to use the internet, set the rules like no emailing, no chatting, no undesirable visiting sites, not engaging with unknown persons, etc.

Also, make them understand that if they break the rules, then they won’t be allowed to use the internet.

  • Get involved

Keep yourself engaged with children – “like” the sites they “like”. Also, keep a watch on the history of the browser window, to know what they are seeing online.

  • Use filtering software/ apps

There are application/ software available that can prevent your kids from sharing their contact details, addresses and telephone numbers.

Talk to your children as to why it is important not to share the contact information with unknown persons.

There are also filters available that can prevent children from accessing undesirable content, visiting unprotected sites, etc.

  • Be sensitive

Be sensitive to the age and immaturity of the kids and be patient while dealing with issues. Children, especially teenage girls and boys, can get lured to meet strangers after chatting with them online.

Make your kids understand not to meet with any stranger after talking online.

  • Be firm

It is always better to be firm than be sorry later. Tell kids clearly not to share any personal information, including credit card details online and not to make an online payment or commit to make a payment without your permission.

If you follow the above simple but time tested rules and internet safety facts, you can be sure that your kids will be able to use the internet safely, and will also be able to reap the benefits of using the internet.