Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet.

Behavioral Issues

As loving parents, we want to be respectful and hear a child out, letting them explain and feel understood. However, there is a stopping point.

Parenting 101

The ABC guide helps you understand your child’s behavior, customize your reaction, and determine if your discipline is working.

Screen Time

Part of the challenge in raising children in today’s world includes balancing screen time with their other activities.

Kid compute introduction

So raise your hand if you’ve got a school-aged child with a sassy mouth, irritating defiance, or even downright out-of-control behavior. Yoohoo! Hello! Let’s collectively shove our hands in the air and wave them around like monkeys. Yes, me! A little help would be lovely!

Best Cyber Safety for Kids

As a parent, you must be aware of what your kids are doing online.  It is the only way for keeping kids safe on the internet.  If you are not aware of the online dangers, the internet can be a minefield of risks for your kids.

You may think that the best way, to ensure cyber safety and to protect your children from online hazards is to stop them from using the internet directly. It is always better to make your kids cyber smart instead of being cyber ignorant.